Training Plans

It’s bloody snowing again!  I suppose if I stand a chance of being a Tough Mudder come September, I need to man-up and just get out there and train regardless of the weather.  There’s no excuses I know, but my lovely Nike running shoes are not especially waterproof nor equipped to cope with snow, ice, water and mud (as I found out during last year’s Moss Valley Madness Trail 10k).  I think today’s plan will be some weight training at the gym to avoid the snow and slush for now. 

I can’t keep putting off hitting the trails due to mud and water, so think I’ll be paying Mike Ashley’s house of sporting bargains soon to get some cheap trail running shoes.  No excuses after that, I’ll be manning up and hitting the dirt trails around sunny, sunny Kivo. 

Currently at the gym I’m keeping a pretty good regime of weight training at least three days a week.  Its a pretty good routine I’m working and think I’ll stick to it for a few weeks more, but then I’m going to incorporate some circuit training into my gym days to build up my endurance and explosive speed etc. which I’ll need for those pesky obstacles. 

I better start living by my new mantra, go hard or go home and pain is just weakness leaving the body!



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