Excuses, Excuses!

I think I’ll be renaming this blog, ‘excuses why I never train as hard as intend to…’

So last night I nipped out and bought myself a some New Balance trail running shoes so whatever the weather I’d have no excuses to go out for a run today.

Then at about 9 o clock I had a little rumble in my stomach, which then turned into a full blown marathon of puking and… well the other end of puking. I don’t think I managed to go for an hour without having to race to the toilet. So if that wasn’t enough to sabotage my return to running for another day, my car window decided to have a mind of its own and open evwn though the car was locked. So after an hour or so of pissing around with that, I’m managed to get it stuck open rather than stuck shut. More work will be required, but I’m saving that for a day when I don’t feel like I’m going ot expire. so much for the big tough meathead I’m setting out ot become!

So no training today, back to bed until I feel better. I might blog something interesting later about music or football as my training journal is not happening right now!



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