First run of 2013

And so it begins, I mean really begins.

I got in from work yesterday and it was freezing, literally, trying to snow and plenty muddy. Normally I’d think ‘fook the run, I’ll go to the gym’, but instead I thought ‘perfect conditions for Tough Mudder training’. So I laced up my new NB trail shoes and headed outside. Now I haven’t been running since the start of December last year and despite going to the gym regularly, I haven’t been doing much cardio. I have only been running about 12 months but by the end of autumn last year I was able to run 8-10 miles at a time and on shorter runs I had gotten my average pace down to around 8 minute a mile. That run yesterday was like starting over again!

Now I’m not making excuses (well I am), but on Wednesday I did a monster leg workout. I hit a new PB for squatting, hammered some front squats, leg presses, bosu balance squats etc. It was immense. So my legs were a bit stiff and tired, that’s my one and only excuse. Anyway, I set out and the first mile was on pavement, then I hit the back lanes and trails around my village. Usually I’m dodging pebbles and skipping over deeper mud, but not today. Today was Mudder training, so I aimed for the puddles, bogs and mud. No point training for a twelve mile run through mud by running on pavement is there?

I managed a reasonable 3.5 miles but at a rather pathetic ave .9’57 a mile pace. And boy did I feel it! It felt like when I first started running and my breathing was all off, I had aches in my lower back from bad posture (and lets face it, squatting and deadlifting more than I should) and of course tired legs. I was beat when I was done and didn’t feel like I had much more left in the tank. It was a start but it was also a wake up call, I need the endurance for at least a half marathon by September. Yesterday’s run simply wasn’t good enough, I need to build on the distance. It would be nice to pull my pace back to something respectable but for Mudder training, endurance is the key. I need to be able to run further and longer, speed is secondary but will improve naturally as a welcome side-effect.

Back to the gym today for my final session on a split work out for a while. Starting next week going to move to circuit training and full body conditioning workouts. I need to get leaner and build up my stamina more than I need muscle for aesthetics’ sake right now. It’s a long road ahead with a to of hard work, but that’s half the fun of doing this. Tomorrow I’m planning on running around a muddy lake, I know it will be tough again but oddly looking forward to it.


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