Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

I was at my parents place this weekend and needed to get a run in to make up my 10k for the week. It was -1 and snowing all Friday night and most of Saturday morning, so conditions weren’t exactly idea. I was going to cry off and did for a few hours but at about half 3 in the afternoon I decided to hit the trails. On the advice of my Dear-ol-Dad, I ran the ‘Scorton Walk’, a new trail on reclaimed quarry land near their village. It turned out that the paths had all been churned up by all the recent rain and snow and some parts were ankle deep bog… exactly what I was after.

This run felt much better than the one on Thursday, my legs weren’t as tired and my back didn’t hurt as much. It was freezing though! But I need to get used to running cold if I’m going to be able to cope with the Tough Mudder water obstacles and ice baths!

Running through the mud was tough going at times, but my New Balance trail shoes did a good job of providing me with plenty of traction so I didn’t slip and slide around too much. I churned out 3.33 miles and probably had a little more in the tank, but it was getting late. My pace is still quite slow compared to last year, running a 9:56 mile on average, but the Mudder is more about endurance and distance than speed. Hopefully as I run more my pace will return naturally, this will only be a bonus though as I’m more concerned with improving my distance and stamina over anything else.
When I got back to my parent’s place I was covered in mud, so despite the sub-zero temperatures, my Pop cleaned me down with a hosepipe before he let me it. More training for those horrible obstacles!

In all a much better run than Thursday. I’m hoping to do another minimum of 10k this week, then starting increasing the distance each week. Going to start circuit training tomorrow too! That will be brutal.


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