Circuit Training

Just finished my first circuit training session of the week, it absolutely ruined me but I feel like I’ve had a good intense work out. I’m hoping doing this at least twice a week, combined with running and a full body weight routine will improve my overall stamina, endurance, strength and conditioning.

For those interested, here’s my work out:

(I did the exercises grouped together non-stop with 2-3 minute rest between groups)

5 minute cardio warm up then stretches etc.

Treadmill 2 mins sprint
20 press ups
20 step ups with 10kg dumbbells
15 squats (40kg)
2 mins treadmill sprint
10 pull ups (wide grip)

2 mins cardio (elliptical trainer)
12 Kettle bell snatch (12 each arm)
10 reverse pull ups
10 lunges with 10kg dumbbells
20 abdominal cycles
1 min plank

10 spider man press ups
20 bosu squats
20 captain’s chair/knee raises
10 pull ups
2 mins treadmill sprint
15 leg press (75kg)

1st set again.

I want to stick with this for a few weeks, maybe substituting a few exercises here and there for variety, then once I’m comfortable doing it upping the intensity by adding more reps and more body weight moves.

Right now though, I’m knackered, so I’m just going to lie down and listen to Godspeed! You Black Emperor for a little while.

20130225-210841.jpgMe knackered after circuits.


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