Training Fail

Training took another fail last week. I managed a good session of circuits on Monday but by Monday evening I was full of man-flu and coughing like a, well like an asthmatic 31 year old with delusions of his own fitness. It pretty much wiped out my training for the rest of the week, no run on Tuesday, no gum on Wednesday, no football on Thursday, terrible. I went to the gym on Friday to try and get back into the swing of things on Friday and managed 40 mins worth of circuits, but it completely wiped me out. Even with the aid of my trusty blue inhaler I couldn’t catch my breath and I cried off my fourth circuit. I gave up over the weekend as I’ve been working and uttered those oh-so-familiar words; ‘I’ll start again next week.’

I know I can’t help getting sick, but I need to motivate myself to bounce back quicker and not give up so easy. Sure my bad chest may have stopped me working out, but I should have still done some stretching, kept my diet clean and consumed a mountain of fruit for those helpful anti-nasty vitamins. But did I? No, comfort eating and drinking all week. I caught the cold and slackeritus.

Back to it beginning tomorrow. Circuits, running, running, circuits, weights and running. All week, no excuses. And nothing to eat except lean meat and green stuff. It’s a challenge, a punishment and a reward all in one. Bring it on!


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