Compound Lifts & Circuits

More Tough Mudder training in the gym tonight, circuits with a compound lift to kick off each set. The work out looked a little something like this:

5 minute warm up

Set 1:
– 2 minutse sprint on treadmill
– 10 x Bench Press
– 15 weighted step ups
– Squats (smith Machine)
– 2 minutes sprint on cross trainer
– 10 close grip pull ups

Set 2:
– 10 x Dumbbell Shoulder Press
– 10 Weighted lunges
– 20 Burpees
– 10 Kettle Bell Snatches
– 20 alternating box jumps
– 15 ‘T’ Press-ups

Set 3:
– 10 Wide Grip Pull Ups
– 15 Spider-man press-ups
– 20 Bosu Squats
– 20 Leg Raises
– 5 x 10 sec fast feet & drop
– 15 x leg press

set 4:
– 10 Deadlifts
– 10 Tricep Dips on Parallel Bars
– 20 Crunches
– 10 Dumbell Squat, Curl, Press
– 1 minute plank
– Tradmill jog increasing incline 0.5% every 10 seconds to failure

Cool down and stretching. 90 seconds – 2 minutes rest between each set.

My Mudder Brudder Si and I powered through and completed the circuits in good time. I may have to re-design some of the circuits as they were quite heavy on the legs. That being said, I suppose I need to build up my legs, on the other hand I want to go for a run tomorrow so destroying my legs is probably not a great idea.

I’m still eating quite well, chickent, brocolli and brown rice for lunch, chicken, kale and courgettes for dinner. Hopefully I will be able to keep up the good eating and avoild cake and booze at least until Sunday (where Sunday dinner at my Auntie’s will undoubtably beyond any sort of human resistance and frankly it woulod be rude not to indulge). All in all, training and nutrition going well this week. 6 more months of this and I’ll be a machine (hopefully)!


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