Muddy Good Run!

Another 3.3 mile run today through slippery, slimy mud, up hills and through bogs. The mud was clumping up on my trainers so I had to practice running on grass while wiping the excessive mud off the soles of my shoes. Pace is steadily improving too, which is reassuring. I did circuits at the gym yesterday and will be heading back after work tomorrow for a weights session, which after running in sub-zero temperatures and circuit training is pretty much a treat.

While I’m on the subject of training, I’m after some advice. Not that I’m particularly interested or preoccupied by weight-loss, but I weighed myself this morning and I’ve managed to put 10lbs on in what feels like only 3 weeks or so. My training schedule currently looks like this:

Monday: circuit training
Tuesday: 5k off road run
Wednesday: circuit training
Thursday: 5k off road run or 5-a-side football
Friday: full body weights workout
Saturday: rest/occasionally a run
Sunday: rest

Diet wise, I’ve stopped drinking beer and wine during the week and have very little now anyway. I’ve cut out cakes and desserts totally during the week and mostly on a weekend. My daily diet for pretty much 6 days out of 7 looks like this:

Breakfast – 1 pint of smoothie (banana, blueberries, oats, scoop of whey, peanut butter & skimmed milk)
Snack – apple or grapes
Lunch – chicken & peppers wrap
Dinner – chicken or turkey with kale, broccoli and courgette
Protein shake after workouts

I don’t feel or look like I’ve put ten pounds on. My trousers don’t feel any tighter etc. I also don’t really feel or feel I look like I’ve packed on ten pounds of muscle either. So my questions which may or may not be related are:

1. Am I overtraining?
2. Am I going wrong somewhere?

If anyone had any advice or ideas it would be appreciated. Cheers.



One thought on “Muddy Good Run!

  1. you have possibly gained muscle? i’ve got exactly the same issue at the moment i’ve apparently gained 4lb yet my training and diet hasnt changed! Its a mystery to me too so i will be interested to see what advice you recieve 🙂

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