Hangover, Mud, Rain, Run, Tunes

Had another good weights session on Friday, didn’t ache as much over the weekend as last time though, so clearly not trying hard enough! Weekend off training and on booze, got far to drunk on Saturday night and spent all of Sunday really feeling sorry for myself.

I was planning on hitting the gym for circuits tonight but my training buddy Si called in sick. As it was freezing cold, raining and my running route is rapidly resembeling a swamp rather than a trail, I figured the best thing to do would be to go for a run. I racked up another 3.2 miles of mud, puddles and hills. Pace is still slowly increasing and I managed a sub-28 minute 3 miles. I’ve been trying to run without carrying water with me while training to simulate the conditions of the Tough Mudder where there will only be water stations every 4 miles or so. For someone who generally hydrates almost constantly during exercise I am finding this tough. Also I’m still struggling to shake a chesty cold. I think I need to start on my brown inhaler as well as my blue as I’m labouring more than I should with my breathing. These things aside though, training is going okay. I need to include some resistance to the cold training (i.e. jumping in some rivers), find some walls to climb over and bogs to crawl through, but in the interests of staving off hypothermia, I might wait until temperatures increase beyond 2-3 celsius.

Postponed circuit training is not on for tomorrow night, another run on Wednesday and then more circuits, weights and a third run to fit in somewhere for the rest of the week.

While running today, I was listening to the very excellent Wildfires by Gideon Grove. Everything you need to know about Gideon Grove you can find at: http://www.gideongrove.com/ and/or by his fantastic tunes on bandcamp.

So, the real reason for all of this, charity. My pal Si and I are going to complete the Tough Mudder to raise money for the Special Care Babies Unit at Rotherham Hospital, through the Rotherham Hospital Charity. It would be great if you could take a few minutes to stop by our fundraising page: http://www.justgiving.com/4scbu and donate what you can, it really is for a good cause. Alternatively you can text SCBU80 £(amount you want to donate, i.e. £5) to 70070. Thanks.


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