Weighting in Line

Planned on doing circuit training at the gym last night but it was packed, no room to swing a kettle bell!

Decided to work a full body routine, big moves, bench press, pull ups, squats and shoulder presses. Rounded it off with an uphill session on the cross trainer. Not a terrible workout but not as intense as I wanted. Mostly due to having to wait in line for benches and dumbbells. I hate that I’ve become a gym snob, but its seriously annoying having to wait for dumbbells while some 15 year old scrote poses in the mirror doing yet another set of bicep curls with poor form.

Had a terrible night’s sleep for a variety of reasons and had to be at work for 0530. Got a lot to do this afternoon and its snowing. There’s every excuse not to go running this afternoon, but hopefully I’ll muster some motivation from somewhere.


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