Meathead Day

Had a slow start to training this week. Rested over the weekend and had intended to hit the gym last night for circuit training, but my little brother called in on the way back from a successful job interview. I’ve not seen him in six months as he’s been abroad so thought it was better to spend time with him than circuit train.

Hit the gym this morning and on the spur if the moment decided to mix it up a bit and do a 3 day split this week and work some running/cardio around it. Today I did chest and triceps and really enjoyed it, broke my PB for 5 reps bench press, so pleased with that. If I have time I’ll run 5k later. Tomorrow I’ll do back and biceps and some cardio, Thursday I’ll run and Friday will be legs and shoulders. Saturday a run. That’s the plan anyway.

Right, off to lay some carpet.


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