A Real Mudderfudder of a Run

first easy mile

first easy mile

While I’ve been enjoying hitting the weights again this week, I couldn’t help but feel I;ve been neglecting my endurance training, which of course will be probably the most important thing I need to improve before the Tough Mudder. So against all my better judgement, in literally freezing temperatures, in ice and snow and mud, lots and lots of mud, I went for a run.

I initially set out to run longer than my usual route today, hoping to get around 4-5 miles in, this plan went downhill (or uphill rather) after the first mile. The uphill stretch went from muddy with a bit of snow to a bit of mud and two foot high snow drifts. I first thought this would be a great opportunity to simulate the knee deep mud I am expecting at Tough Mudder, but by the time I got to the top of the hill I was freezing cold and my legs were beginning to rebel against me. I had a bit of recovery time on the gentle downhill bridalway back to my normal route, but by the time I had scaled hill number 2, I was beat. I’m ashamed to say I had to take a breather before coasting down the hill back home. I only managed 3.3 miles in the end, not the 4-5 miles I wanted, but on the other hand I did manage a pretty intense run. I need to get more of these mudders in before September.

after the first 'easy' mile

after the first ‘easy’ mile

Incidently, I was listening ot the excellent Chapman Family on my iPod on the way around. I would heartily reccommend them, so check them out at http://www.thechapmanfamilyisnotacult.com or on iTunes.

Post run trainers

Post run trainers


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