Gym x 2

After a long weekend of gluttony with chocolate eggs, I implemented Operation Shred today. This afternoon I got the gym for session #1, weight training focusing on chest and triceps. I have a pretty decent three day split routine, day 1 looks like this:

5 x 5 bench press, heavy weight
3 x 12 incline dumbbell press, medium weight
3 x 12 decline dumbbell press, medium weight
Burn set of x 40 chest fly with a light weight.
5 x 5 close grip bench press, heavy
3 x 12 skull crushers, medium
3 x 12 dips on parallel bars
40 x rope pull downs, light

Then I went home, ate chicken and kale, painted the spare room and had a rest. Back to the gym this evening for session #2, cardio. My gym buddy has started doing high intensity interval training, so I tried that with him. It went like this:

Exercise bike:
Warm up then
30 sec at resistance 15, rpm > 100
30 sec rest at resistance 7
I managed this six times before my quads turned to jelly. It’s harder than it looks.

Cross Trainer:

20 minutes of intervals of 2 min resistance 12, cross ramp 10 then 2 min resistance 4 cross ramp 4
Then cool down.

I feel like I should have done more but I plan on going back in the morning, so maybe better not to push it too much.

I feel like I need a few good weeks without skipping workouts or cheating with my diet. I really want to push myself outside my comfort zone and increase my overall fitness to new levels. I hope I can keep motivated and on track.


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