Operation Shred

I decided last night, part way through a chicken vindaloo, that rest days are no longer necessary. Rest days from here on in will simply be ‘taking it slightly easier than the days when I push myself to the edge and beyond’ days.

Yesterday I hit the gym and did day two of my split which looked like this:

5 x 5 Lat pull down (heavy)
3 x 12 Bent over row (medium)
3 x 12 One armed row (medium)
1 x 40 seated cable pull-ins (light)

5 x 5 EZ bar bicep curls (heavy)
1 x 40 dumbell curls (light)

Then I did 30 mins of intervals on the cross-trainer. I was thoroughly knacked afterwards but I felt good. I’ve managed to keep my diet reasonable, still having larger portions of lean meat and smaller portions/no portions of carbs. I made curry last night, but the sauce was largley tomatoes, so it was as healthy as a vindaloo can get really.

Hit the gym again this morning for a leg and cardio based set of circuit training. It went like this:

5 minute warm up on cross trainer

Set 1:
2 minute sprint on treadmill
15 press ups
15 weighted step ups
10 close grip pull-ups
10 squats (light weight)
2 minutes cross trainer sprint

Set 2:
2 minutes rower
10 x weighted lunges (each leg)
15 x spider-man press ups
15 x knee raises
20 x box jumps
15 burpees

Set 3:
2 minute treadmill sprint
10 x T press ups
20 x crunches
15 x bosu squats
10 x pull ups
2 minutes rower

Set 4:
2 minutes sprint on bike
15 x leg press (medium weight)
15 x press ups
1 minute plank
15 burpees
Cross trainer, rpm > 200 increasing cross ramp 1% every 10 seconds then to fail at highest setting.

Cool down

rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

It was a pretty intense work out and I felt like I’d had a good work out afterwards. Tomorrow I’m going ot hit my shoulders, a little on the legs then some more cardio. Saturday and Sunday would have previously been rest days, but I’m planning running an ‘easy’ 5k each day if possible. This is Operation Shred in full effect. I will become a beast!


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