Back on Track (for now)

So since my enforced rest at the weekend I’ve managed to get back on track. I hit the gym on Monday and Tuesday and did an hour of weights and 25 mins of HIIT on the cross trainer after. Came out of the gym on both days really feeling like I’d had a great workout. Leave it all in the gym is my new motto I think.

Yesterday I went for a run which I found harder than normal. Its funny how a week or so off ‘real running’ sets me back. I ran on roads/pavement for the first time this year rather than my usual muddy trails (they are drying up sadly) and was amazed that with the same amount of effort my average pace was nearly a minute faster per mile. I suppose there’s a lot to be said for solid ground under your feet when you’re running. I ran 3.6 miles which was less than the 4 I set out to do, but a (re)start. I’m hitting the gym again today for a shoulder workout and some more HIIT then I’m away in the Lake District for a long weekend. I will be taking my running shoes though and hoping to get a few 5K runs in while there. Diet has been going okay, fairly clean eating but out for an anniversary dinner tonight and no doubt I’ll be eating less cautiously over the weekend, but I’ll get back on it next week.

I need some good new music to listen to while working out and running. Any ideas people? I like most types of music, not especially fond of ‘dance’ or R&B so much, but anything else goes really. Cheers.


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