It’s been too long!

I’ve been away far too long. I’ve been busy doing non-blogging stuff like becoming a Dad for the second time.

Anyway, I’ll quickly try to cover a few bases here:

– personal life: baby Daniel born 21/5/13, he’s amazing if not a little cranky! His big brother is quite taken with him too, life on the home front is fantastic if not a little hectic!

– beer: I’ve been mostly drinking Kelham Island Pale Rider, Black Sheep and I’ve discovered the very tasty Kraken black spiced rum.

– I’ve just had work finished on my awesome half sleeve tattoo. I’ll post pictures sometime, but I love it and I think I’m now addicted.

Training I’m still on track(ish) with Tough Mudder training. I spent most of June concentrating too much on weights, so I’m now hitting the trails as much as I can to get some running miles in. I’m going to a boot camp style training session on Tuesday nights which is great for all round conditioning and I’m going to try and compliment this with a circuit training session at least once a week and one full body work out. All the other days I’m aiming to run at least 5k. If I could just be disciplined on my diet, I’m sure I’d get a nice lean body!

Managed a killer circuits set today with my Mudder Brudder Si:

5 min cardio warm up and stretches
Then did this non-stop:

20 box jumps holding dumbbells
10 wide grip pull ups
20 press-ups
10 burpees
20 Bosu squats
3 mins on cross trainer
20 Bosu squats
Single-arm shoulder press (10 each side)
10 burpees
10 dips
15 abdominal crunches
3 minutes on cross trainer
Lunges with dumbbells (10 each side)
One armed row (10 each side)
10 burpees
1 minute plank
10 wide grip pull ups
3 minutes cross trainer
15 step ups with dumbbells
10 dumbbell curl to shoulder press
10 burpees
Tricep kick-backs (10!each side)
Bicep curls to failure
3 minutes cross trainer

It was pretty fearsome. Try it you might like it.


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