Burning Out!

Its only Thursday and I am beat already. Monday I did a nice steady 6k hilly run. It was a mix of off and on road and very hot and humid conditions but it was quite nice. Since then I’ve had very little sleep due to my darling children! On Tuesday the Tough Mudder team got together for our weekly bootcamp which time week was touted as being a 5 mile cross-country run. It turned into a 6.5 mile cross country run with pauses for hill carrying, step ups, crawling the length of a football pitch, press-ups etc. It was tough but fun in an odd sort of way. I should have rested yesterday but my chances for getting time to exercise are fleeting, so when an hour opened up I hit the gym for a ‘pushing’ session. Chest, shoulders and triceps hammered and a good sweat worked up.

Today I’ll be at the gym again for a ‘pulling’ session, back and biceps, the Friday will be another 5k. Saturday morning I have circuits planned and Sunday I will rest!

I feel like I’m buring out a little today, mostly due to the lack of sleep! Hopefully I’ll be caught up by the weekend and fighting fit. Tough Mudder is only 44 days away, so I really need to get my conditioning spot on within the next month, so I can ease off a little the week before to avoid injury/over training.

As fit as I am feeling, I still don’t seem to be shifting any body fat. Think I need to give my diet a serious over-hall. I think its healthy but something is going wrong somewhere I am sure. Anyway, ’till next time, like the song says – if you’re gonna be dumb you gotta be tough!!!


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