Seven on, two off!

Wow, last week was a killer. I trained 7 days straight and I felt it. Started on Sunday with circuits, 6k run Monday night, 11k run with stops for circuit drills on Tuesday, gym weights sessions Wednesday and Thursday, 5k run Friday and circuits Saturday morning.

Before I literally fell to pieces I decided to take Sunday and Monday as rest days and boy I needed them.

Went to Mudder boot camp last night and was well and truly thrown back into the deep end! Brutal circuit training of battle ropes, kettle bells, vipr squats, medicine ball slams, skipping, trx flyes and presses, weighted sled drags, box jumps and pull ups, with laps of the car park in between each exercise! It certainly pushed me to my limits.

Relatively easy weights/strength session today then hill runs tomorrow at 5am! If the training for Tough Mudder doesn’t kill me, I think I might just survive the Mudder event!


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