Final Countdown

One Month To Go

Only one month left until the Tough Mudder and I still don’t feel anywhere near enough prepared! I’m going to try and ramp up the training as much as I can (around work and family commitments). I feel like my overall all conditioning is okay, my strength is reasonable I’m just worried a little about my endurance/stamina. I’ve been running every week, twice or three times when time has allowed but I rarely do more than 5-6K. Only once have I done a 10k + this year. Perhaps naively I’m not too worried as although the Mudder will be 10+ miles, its not going to be 10 miles of straight running (that would be too easy!). With the promise (or threat?) of 25 obstacles, chances are there won’t be more than a few miles at a time. That being said I am under no illusions that this is going to be a massive test of endurance and I need to get used to running on tired legs and operating at the level only fractionally below exhaustion for a prolonged period of time. This week so far I have hit the gym for a fast and furious circuits session and then last night went to boot camp training with my fellow Mudders, which was intense but fun. Cpt. Crofts set up the following buffet of brutality:

Slegdehammer strikes (20 x each arm) +
20 tractor tyre jumps (into the middle, back out again and then back = 1 rep)

20 x (squat, jumping squat, row, reverse fly, curl) on TRX

Kettle bell rack, press & alternate leg lunge x 20 (i.e. 10 each leg)

20 x dips on Olympic rings

20 x jumping squats with vipr

10 x sideways steps over hurdles (x5)

4 x 90kg sledge pull (approx 12 metres)

10 Olympic rings pull ups

Skipping to failure

Running 5 laps of the car park between each station.

It took about an hour and although I finished I didn’t have anything left in the tank afterwards.

My Monday gym circuit was the same as I’ve posted before, that took about 30 minutes working flat out.

Today after work I’m planning on running around Rother Valley Park, about a 4 mile route but stopping at benches to do jumps and step ups and running over two railway bridges with steps up and down. That should really get the legs working. I’m already not looking forward to this.

Anyway, it all for a good cause remember, I’m trying to raise as much money as possible for the Special Care Baby Unit at Rotherham Hospital. Please, please have a look at this page and donate if you can:



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