When the training gets tough, the tough get training…

Only two and a half weeks left until the Tough Mudder, I can’t believe how quickly it has come around since Simon and I got drunk and goaded each other into doing it earlier this year.  Am I ready?  Who knows?  I don’t feel ready, especially after my training has been thrown off for the past few weeks by a cold followed by the inevitable chest infection.  I’ve just about recovered from that but I’m still finding my breathing is a little laboured when running. 


I managed a few sessions at the gym last week and ran 3.5 miles on Friday, which was slow and tough because of my chest.  I did not train yesterday and feel reasonable well today, so hoping to get at least 5 days good training in this week.  All being well I’m going to try and fit in two 4 mile + runs in this week as well as a boot camp session and some gym sessions.  If I have time I want to try and fit a circuit training session in also. If I can do this for the next two weeks then go a little easier the week before the event to try and avoid tiring myself out or worse still injury, I may just about get round the Tough Mudder without coughing up a lung or ralphing up my breakfast.


For the past few days I haven’t been feeling great either, that inconvenient oddity of my mind: depression appears to be rearing its ugly head for the first time in a few months.  So far I think I’m on top of it, but this morning I really struggled to get out of bed and motivate myself to get to work.  Hopefully I can employ some of the techniques I learned through counselling and ride it out until I start to feel better.  Focusing on the Tough Mudder and training for it will hopefully help.  If I can show some motivation and determination towards my training, hopefully it will stop me dwelling on pointless shit and stop my anxieties running wild.  Trying to think and stay positive, lets see if I can literally train myself out of a bad state of mind.


With all of this in mind, now seems another opportune moment to plug the reason I’m doing the Tough Mudder, to raise money for a good cause.  Rotherham Hospital Special Babies Care Unit is a fantastic facility staffed by wonderful people.  Unfortunately in this climate of austerity and spending cuts, there is little funds available for ‘extra’ facilities, training and comforts in SCBU.  Rotherham Hospital Charitable Trust helps provide these ‘extra’ services, specialist training and facilities for patients that would otherwise not be budgeted for.  These things make a real difference to patients and staff at the hospital, so anything you can donate will be put to great use and massively appreciated.  Thanking you in advance for your generosity.




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