10 days to Go

Only a week and a day of training left now before the Tough Mudder. Do I feel ready? Yes and no. My strength and general conditioning is pretty good (for me anyway) but I still don’t think I’ve upped my stamina and endurance enough. This time last year I was regularly running 10k plus runs, where as this year I have barely run over 4 miles, my average being 3 – 3.5. Without sounding off too many excuses my chest has felt tighter this year and I’ve relied on my inhaler more and more, plus with a small baby in the house I’m getting much less sleep than I did this time last year. Furthermore, I think I concentrated much more on just running last year, where as this year I have been mixing it up with boot camp, circuit training and gym work. In retrospect I should have been running much more in the last month or so and spending less time lifting weights. Still retrospect is a wonderful thing isn’t it?
I did another 2 hour boot camp session last night which was a killer. Kettle-bell squats to press, dumbbell squat/thrusters, TRX press, TRX low row, rope pull ups, monkey bars, hurdles, sledgehammer strikes, tyre jumps, bosu bunny hops, weight vest lunges, sledge pushes and laps round the car park between each exercise. Then 10 minute run, then more cardio circuits with hurdles and sprints, then we finished with some core work and stretches. It was intense but good.
I have really enjoyed the boot camp sessions as it has fostered some camaraderie (well banter) between the 4SCBU team members leading up to the Tough Mudder. I’m sure this will help us get round the course without breaking (physically or mentally).
I’m off to the gym after work for some general strength training, then Thursday evening I’m off to do some hill runs with team-mate Si, which I will not enjoy. More running on Friday probably (or gym if my legs need some rest) then circuits Saturday. Next week I’m going to take it a little easier as I don’t want to burn out or get injured before the big day. I can’t believe how quickly it has come around.
Anyway, its all for a good cause remember? Raising money for the Special Care Baby Unit at Rotherham Hospital. If you could spare a few quid or whatever to sponsor me, that would be massively appreciated. Thanks.


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