Week 1 Done. Bring on Week 2.

So one week done. I trained 5 out of 7 days, should have been 6 but I had a busy weekend with family stuff and couldn’t fit in a 5K run as I intended. In the end my week looked like this:

Monday – Crossfit
Tuesday – Circuit Training
Wednesday – Back & Bicep weights & Cardio
Thursday – Circuit Training
Friday – Crossfit

Crossfit on Friday was a really good session, definitely felt like I left it all in the gym. Did circuits of six stations, 2 mins skipping, 20 pull ups on gymnastic rings, 20 kettlebell squat to press, 20 standing jumps onto plyometric table, 20 medicine ball push-ups and battle rope sequences. The battle rope sequences were good in that they worked my arms hard in a way I’m not used to training them. That’s what I am really enjoying about crossfit and training at Fitness Zoo, I am trying new exercises and working my body in different ways to usual. It is definitely keeping me motivated.

I also managed to more or less eat clean all week. Lean meats, low carbs and veg/salad. I’ve generally only drunk water and only snacked on fruit and nuts/seeds. On Saturday we had another celebration for my son’s birthday with my family, so I did indulge in a very small slice of chocolate cake, but otherwise it has been a very clean week food wise. I have also stuck to a new regime of supplements, which will hopefully help reach my goals. It sounds like overkill in a way, but I am taking CLA tablets three times a day with meals, whey protein with breakfast, after training and for supper, Creatine twice a day and iBCAA before and after training. I have also tried The Protein Works’ RAZE pre-workout which I take, well… pre-workout. It may be psychological, but I think it made a bit of a difference for the two workouts I did ‘under the influence’. Anyway after only a week in, it’s still far too early days to chart any real progress or gains, but I am still motivated and determined going into week 2.

I’m really enjoying my crossfit and circuit sessions at the moment as they are different from my usual regime of weights one day, bit of cardio another and the same old variations on a three day split I’ve been doing for years. I’ve not really progressed in a long time and for the amount of effort I perceive I put in, I think its time to get some return which is why I’ve been shaking things up.

My initial plan was to go hard for 4-6 weeks and see what I can achieve. I think even going all out, with work, family commitments and two children ensuring I never get a decent night’s sleep, I think this may be an ambitious timescale. So I have revised my plan to a 10 week timescale, which conveniently will take me up to December, a month where I usually indulge in the festive practise of gluttony. After that, I think I’ll take stock in the New Year and re-assess my goals from there.


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