And on the Fifth Day He (begrudgingly) Rested…

Thank Odin ‘tis Friday!

So far its been a pretty successful week. Speed & Agility session on Monday at the ‘Zoo, then circuits on Tuesday. I had planned on doing some weights resistance training on Wednesday but decided to do a cardio session instead as I was still a bit achy from the last two days. I did an hour on the elliptical trainer, level 6-8 and covered around 7 miles burning 700+ calories. Nothing too intense but a decent session of LISS none the less. This allowed me to rest my muscles a little for yesterday’s monster work out taken from a Crossfit WOD website. It looked like a killer and it was the first workout in a while that defeated me. The plan was:

Run 1 mile on treadmill
100 wide-grip pull ups
200 press-ups
300 bodyweight squats
Run 1 mile on treadmill

What I actually achieved was:

Run 1 mile on treadmill (did it in 8:40)
100 wide-grip pull ups (in 15 sets, 5 sets of 10 then 10 sets of 5)
200 push-ups (10 sets of 20, easy… until the last two sets)
200 bodyweight squats (4 sets of 50)

Then I run out of time. The above took me an hour and as much as I wanted to grind out the rest, I had to leave the gym to get ready for work. I like to think I could have finished it, though my legs were screaming at 200 squats. That second mile run may have proved difficult to say the least.
I was actually quite pleased with what I managed, I think I’ll try this workout once a week or every other week and see how I progress. I like to think by the end of this current programme I’m on I can complete this workout inside of an hour, or damn close to it. When I woke up this morning, I certainly feel like it had been a good work out anyway, my arms, chest and back ache like nobody’s business (but in a satisfying way right?).

Anyway, today is a rest day. As much for family and home stuff I have to do as much as it is to rest up my muscles. Back on it Saturday morning for circuits at the gym with Mudder Brudder Si, in what will be his first proper session back post-Mudder. Clobbern’ time!

Diet/nutrition is still going pretty well. I’ve managed to avoid cakes and treats, had no beer and generally been a good boy. I’ve been taking all my supplements and am patiently waiting to reap the benefits!


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