Damn, damn, damn!

All fired up and feeling strong as Thor himself, I loaded up the bar to 100kg and set about my deadlift sets descending from 10. I should have lightened the bar when I struggled to hit ten reps with good form, but no I strapped on a weight belt and kept going. Set of 9 down. Form not great but I’m cranking them out. Set of 8 and 7 down. Form getting worse but I’m stupidly determined to get through this. Set of 6 done, set of 5 begins . Rep 1 , good, hips locked and shoulders back. Rep 2 , didn’t quite nail that one, nor rep 3. Rep 4 and SNAP! Something in the right hand side of my lower back went. BOLLOCKS! I dropped the bar and could have screamed! Why was I so stupid! I’ve knackered at least a few day’s training now!

I never learn my lesson, form over weight every time. I’m a complete idiot! So now I need to keep moving but without putting any weight or strain on my lower back.



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