Measuring Gains & Crossfit Workouts with Girls’ Names

Week 3

So I’m almost a third into my ten week ‘eat clean, train mean get lean’ programme. So far I think it has been going okay. I have managed to train hard five days a week so far and am developing a liking for crossfit workouts. Apart from the odd cheeky mouthful of cake and a few mini-sausage rolls on Saturday night, my eating has been pretty clean and my supplement regime strictly adhered to (in fact I’m already running out and need some refills desperately, that’s not happened before).

As for gains so far? This is tricky to quantify. I have taken pictures of myself each Sunday evening for the last three weeks and although I can see a difference between beginning and this week’s, I feel it is only marginable. I’ve not been weighing myself as I’m not in this to lose weight, in fact as long as its muscle, I can cope with putting wait on. I want to lose fat and gain muscle, so charting weight isn’t really going to be a decent yardstick to measure myself by. Maybe I should have invested in some callipers and taken some body measurements at the beginning of this regime, from there I could have plotted any progress. Then again, I’m perhaps being too ‘scientific’ or specific about this, my goal is quite simple really, see what gains can be made with some more dedication and proper diet/nutrition in a ten week period. If I end up looking much better with my shift off, that’s fantastic, but I must remind myself my goal was not ‘get a six pack in 10 weeks’. That would require some awesome dedication I suppose.

The less vanity obsessed side of this project is to see how much I can improve my fitness too. I think in the last few weeks I have managed to improve my explosive power and fitness. I feel all-round fitter than I did a few weeks ago, so I can take some positives from that. I am able to train hard and intense four times a week and once at a lower intensity and I am fairly pleased with that. However, call me old-school, call me kooky but I generally measure fitness levels by how far, fast and long for I can run. I haven’t been out running in a while, so my overall stamina and endurance levels remain an unknown quantity. When I can grab some time in the next week or so, I’m going to have to head out for a 4-5 mile run and see how I get on, it certainly won’t hurt the fat loss plan.

I am becoming increasingly interested in crossfit type work outs and have been scouring the web for some ‘WOD’s to incorporate into my training. Admittedly this may be a terrible way of going about things as I understand crossfit is quite structured and I’m guessing maybe the best way to go about it isn’t picking and choosing the odd work out here and there. That being said, there are some pretty killer workouts there, so I’m still up for using them! I do find it odd how they name some of their workouts with girls’ names though. It just sounds wrong when you arrive at the gym and have conversations like this:

‘So what you working on today mate?’
‘I’m gonna totally smash Cindy.’


‘Gym this afternoon, what you doing?’
‘Yeah pal, I’ll be doing Kelly for five rounds.’
I wonder if this is intentional or I just have a warped mind?

Anyway… So yesterday I did my circuits of:

3 x 20 deadlifts
3 x 15 knee to inside elbow
3 x 15 knee to same elbow
3 x 12 lunge to press with dumbbells
3 x 15 press ups
3 x 15 swissball hamstring curls
3 rounds, 15-30 sec rests between exercises.

Which I did pretty intensely and had a good workout out of. Today I’ll be doing the ‘Linda’:

Sets of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (for time)

Deadlift – 1.5 x bodyweight (102kg)

Bench Press – Bodyweight (68kg)

Power Clean – 0.75 of bodyweight (51kg)

Wish me luck! I shall of course let you know how I get on.


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