Injury and Triumph!

Its been a bit of a mixed bag this week. Started off well on Monday with another good circuit session then Tuesday I buggered things up by hurting my back deadlifting. As a result I didn’t train Wednesday, I just tried to keep moving to stop my back stiffening up then Thursday I hit the ‘Zoo for Captain Crofts patented ‘Zoo Antics’ workout. This was an absolute killer, with loads of leg work. All bodyweight stuff, but intense enough that by halfway through my quads were burning and screaming for me to stop! It was a workout like no other I had done before and apart from my legs feeling like they might explode, I really enjoyed it. Conveniently it also helped loosen up my back a little which meant I could return for some ‘zoo crossfit goodness yesterday! Another monster session with sets of 20 squat to presses on 4 different vipers of descending weights, walking plank circuits, side-ways hurdle jumps, upside-down body rows on gymnastic rings, skipping, running and gymnastic rings push ups! I managed two and a half rounds in the time we had and definitely left it all in the gym. I felt like I smashed it so was very pleased! I was then challenged by Captain Crofts Himself to climb halfway up the gym rope wearing a 20kg vest. I’d love to say I nailed it, but I only managed to get about 2 foot off the ground. This shall be my new challenge!

I’ve also ordered a foam roller to try and help keep my supple and sort my lower back out, I know I know, I’m just too damn rock n roll me!

Feeling quite good at the end of week 4. I’d have liked to get another training session in over the weekend but I have too much going on with work and family commitments, so will have to wait until Monday. Given how damn stuff my legs feel (DOMS, curse you!) I think a rest day or two isn’t going to be too damaging. Despite the bad back, training and diet has gone well this week. I feel a difference in my fitness level and call me vain, but I think I’m starting to notice a difference in the mirror. So in the spirit if shooting for peace or shagging for virginity, I’m going to treat myself to a cheat meal tonight. Hello curry!

By the end of next week, I’ll be halfway through my programme. Wow, that’s gone fast!


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