Diet Hard 2: Diet Harder?

Its been bugging me for the last week or so that while I am feeling much fitter and think I am noticeably packing on some muscle, I’m not exactly burning the fat like I had hoped.

I’m six weeks into my plan now, leaving only just short of a month to go and I don’t feel like I’ve burned off any fat at all. My waistline is still the same measurement and I’ve put on weight, the good sort of weight – muscle, but my belly persists. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m doing something wrong. I don’t like to think it’s my training, that seems to be going pretty well. I generally train 5 days a week with a variety of crossfit, circuit training, boxing circuits and intense cardio sessions. The only thing that I have dropped from my training since Tough Mudder is distance running. All other areas of my training are intense and push me, so I’m not entirely sure the absence of low intensity steady cardio once, maybe twice a week is the detrimental.

I held the belief that my diet was pretty good since I began this program. I’ve probably only had 2-3 cheat meals since beginning and apart from one occasion I haven’t had an alcoholic drink. Currently my diet/nutrition/supplement plan looks like this on a typical day:

Smoothie consisting of; oats, banana, blueberries, peanut butter, honey to sweeten, and skimmed milk. I take with this a scoop of whey protein, creatine monohydrate and a CLA capsule.

Large handful of: Nuts, seeds, dried fruit

Lunch: Spicy chicken, peppers & onions in a seeded/wholemeal wrap
1 CLA capsule

Afternoon snack: Apple or other fruit

Pre-workout: RAZE prework out, iBCAA from The Protein Works

Post Workout: iBCAA, creatine & Whey

Tea: Chicken/turkey with tomatoes, black beans, courgette and peppers and brown rice. 1 CLA capsule.

Supper: Scoop of Whey with Almond Milk

I’m not exactly cutting the calories back as I need fuel to train and to be honest I have decent energy levels at the moment. I consider that I’m taking in good calories too, which along with the supplements is aiding my recover and allowing me to train five consecutive days a week.

All that being said though, I’m still not seeing the fat loss results I had hoped for at this stage. So, I need to identify the weak link(s) in my plan.

– Could I possibly be overtraining? (I don’t like to think so)
– Is my diet wrong? (am I missing something? Eating too much of something or not enough of another?)
– Do I need more/less supplements? Or different supplements?

I’ve been looking online for some diet ideas, but the problem is incorporating them in to an affordable and manageable daily routine. While I appreciate the many benefits let’s say of the Palaeo or Caveman diet, I’d fall into the same problem I did when I tired vegetarianism last year – I would end up having to cook separate meals for myself, my wife and my children. Not only is this time consuming, but it’s bloody expensive and beyond my means at the moment. Some more exotic but healthy foodstuffs may be great for these diets, but they aren’t always affordable. Plus with a full time shift-working job, children and training regime, I don’t really want to give up any more time shopping around health food stores. It all seems like excuses, but to me a diet isn’t something that should be temporary, it should be something you can integrate into your life and live with. I don’t really believe in crash diets or fad diets, what I want is something I can stick with. The minute it becomes too expensive, complicated or leaves me starving, I’ll ditch it then I’m back at square one.

I can live with making changes and I can over time train myself to enjoy foods that are good for me I have previously shunned (like Kale for example). What I really struggle with though is going hungry. I like to be full; I generally don’t care what of. I just want to be able to eat a lot of something until my body says; ‘Yeah, that’s enough, you’re belly’s full now mate!’.

I need to find a compromise between healthy eating/nutrition, convenience and economy. So, anyone got any ideas?


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