Last Week Was Awesome (I Was Awesome!)

So I’ve fallen behind with the blogging a little bit this last week or so. Its no wonder though, last week was immense! Aside from being busy with all the usual work and family stuff that keeps me from the gym, I managed to train hard 5 days consecutively at the ‘Zoo. Boxing twice, Speed & Agility session, Core work which was a killer and rounded it off with a mega crossfit session on Friday. It was hard work and by Friday I was really feeling the cumulative effect of full body training five days in a row, but it also felt good and has boosted my fitness levels! I boxed twice last week and I’m loving boxing circuits! It seems like the perfect cardio/strength combination to get out all that pent up anger and aggression. Nothing beats beating on a bag for a good release and some quality exercise. I have absolutely no skills at all when it comes to boxing, I can’t get the rhythm on a speedball, my hooks are woeful, footwork poor and first time I hit the floor to ceiling ball guess what? It slammed me right back in the face! Doh! That’ll teach me to keep my guard up.

So by the weekend I felt I deserved a bit of a reward, so on Sunday I had a gargantuan portion of Sunday dinner and enough apple crumble to satisfy even the lardiest of Americans. Needless to say I was fuller than a fat girl’s shoe. I did enjoy it though.

So began this week with some more boxing yesterday and today I tried the November Crossfit challenge at the ‘Zoo, which was a delightful set of exercises as follows:

20 dumbbell thrusters (I used 12.5 kg dumbbells, Cpt. Crofts insists I use 15kg ones next time)
20 close grip pull ups
50 burpees (chest to the floor for each one)
50 power jumps

Then repeat.

Crofty had set the benchmark of 24 minutes, which seemed reasonable until I checked out the other times, all of which were 30 minutes plus. I set off to it and went hell for leather, then hell for suede, then maybe cotton and eventually just lint! I managed 28 mins 31 seconds, which I didn’t think too bad for a first attempt. I’d like to think by the end of the month I might be able to shave a few minutes off that, my ultimate goal would be 25 minutes. I’d be very happy with that.

Tomorrow I can’t fir the gym in around work so I might either have a rest day (pah! I hate those) or weather permitting go for my first run in two months. More likely I won’t though. Will see how much determination I can muster for it! Then Thursday I might hit my local gym for a weights session before rounding it off on Friday with a Speed & Agility session. I’m well into my 10 week programme now, and while I’m not shedding fat like I wanted, I am feeling a lot fitter and stronger. I have made some slight noticeable gains in fat loss and muscle growth, nothing stellar, but enough. I’m going to keep at it until December then ease of a little for Christmas. Then come January, it really will be clobberin’ time!


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