Epic Week of Training

This week has been epic training wise. Six days consecutive training at the Fitness Zoo under the watchful eye of Cpt Crofts. On Monday it was boxing circuits. Tuesday I did the November crossfit challenge and set a personal best which I was more than pleased with, my time also put me top of the leaderboard (temporarily anyway), which I was more than pleased with. Wednesday was Zoe Coew class which was an absolute killer and introduced me to the joy of slam balls. Thursday was team crossfit which is a great class with a fun atmosphere. Friday morning saw more crossfit with Crofty’s patented killer ‘paperclip’ WOD (descending reps of thrusters, increasing reps of push ups and 5 pull ups in between, killer!). This morning I capped it all off with bootcamp which was a circuit of boxing, strength and endurance exercises. Tough but satisfying. I feel like I’ve given it my all this week and I feel good for doing it. I’ve still a long way to go before I reach my goals, but when I look at the progress I’ve made, especially regarding my overall fitness and endurance , I think I can be pleased with myself. Rest day tomorrow (boring), then back on it Monday!



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