Rotten to the Core

I have fallen behind with the blogging recently, largely due to another downturn in my state of mind and also in the busy run up to the festive season. I’m happy to report that while I’m not exactly 100% up and running on the head front, I’m probably back to 75%, which is good enough to get by. Anyway, I digress from my original intent, my training blog.

For the last four weeks, which have represented the ‘final four’ weeks of my ‘ramping it up’ programme, I have managed to train 5-6 days a week. As with much of the last few months, my training has been crossfit, circuit based, high intensity and boxing. While I haven’t exactly stripped away the last layers of fat or piled on tremendous amounts of muscle, I can safely say (boxing circuits aside this morning) I feel stronger and fitter than I have done in years.

The last few weeks I was starting to become disheartened as I didn’t feel like any major transformation had occurred and I began to re-examine my expectations. Then all at once in the last 10 days I feel like it has come together. Firstly I have received three separate compliments that my arms and shoulders look bigger, which is always a confidence booster. More importantly were two separate instances of improved performance. Firstly last week I was participating in team crossfit, which was not at all easy, but I feel I convincingly completed it. At the same session one person passed out and another puked three times. Now I’m not knocking anyone else or comparing myself, but it made me think that 12 months ago that probably would have been me puking up. So really, compared to myself I’m really pleased with my progress. The second instance was on Tuesday this week when I hit my local gym for a straight up weights session which is a rarity for me these days. I beat my previous x 5 PB for bench press, edging me towards the magic 80kg mark I’ve been wanting to reach for ages. I actually think with a bit of focus, I’ll hit 80kg before the year is out. So despite not doing much specific weight training for the best part of the year, I am incredibly pleased I can walk into the gym, hit the bench and break personal records! It just goes to show how my new ways of training has been of great benefit for me.

Anyway, enough self-congratulating, I’ll write something you may find interesting now. Did a killer core session last week that involved a fair bit of cardio too, why not try it out:

Line up 8 cones/spots/markers approximately 18” apart.

Start by running on the spot/fast feet for five seconds then do a tuck jump. Jump to the next cone and repeat. Repeat all they way down the line and back and that’s one round. Do three rounds.

As above but instead of a tuck jump at each cone, do a burpee (make sure chest hits the floor) x 3 rounds

As above but burpee on each cone, tuck jump between each cone. X 2 rounds

(tired yet?)

Bear crawl in figure of eights around each cone, facing forwards at all times (so you have to crawl forwards, backwards, sideways etc.) x 6 {if you knock a cone, start again]

20 hanging toes to bar

Then the ‘Sally Up Plank’. Put ‘Flower’ by Moby on your ipod/mp3 player/stereo/phonogram and assume a low plank position. The lyrics throughout the song contain ‘Sally Ups’ and ‘Sally Downs’, high plank for up, low plank for down. Its 3 mins 26 seconds of pure fun. Check it out on youtube if you’re uncertain of what to do.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy.