Back in the Saddle!

So I’ve had a slothful two weeks off training over the Christmas period and frankly I’ve gorged myself on mince pies, huge roast dinners, curry, pizza, beer, wine and just about every other empty calorie going. So being sufficiently rested up and festively plump, I decided yesterday it was time to get back to the gym and start shifting some tub.

I eased myself in gently with a full body weights session then 30 mins steady cardio on the elliptical trainer. Although I hit the weights reasonably hard, I didn’t exactly kill myself either, but it was a fairly solid workout based around push and pull supersets:

½ mile run on treadmill
Warm up

1. 3 x 10 Clean to press 35kg

2. A) 3 x 10 bench press, 60kg
B) 3 x 10 Deadlift, 60kg

3. A) 3 x 8 Wide Grip Pull Ups
B) 3 x 10 Cable chest flys

4. A) 3 x 10 Shoulder press 16kg dumbells
B) 3 x 15 Calf Raises

5. A) 3 x 10 tricep dips on parallel bars
B) 3 x 10 EZ bar bicep curls 25kg

30 mins elliptical trainer then cool down

So far so good. I had a bit of DOMS this morning but nothing unexpected then I hit the FitnessZoo for my first Crossfit class of 2014 and boy was it a tough one. The ever cheerful Cpt. Crofts had devised a particularly evil challenge for January to serve as a ‘come back’ for those of us who dared to take a rest! It was as follows:

For time,

10, 20, 30, 40 reps per respective round of:

Slamball squat to throw 20 kg ball
24” box jump to triceps push up
Dumbbell Clean & press 15 kg dumbbells
Clapping push-ups
Power lunges

This was insanely hard, especially increasing the reps each round so as I became more fatigued, the work got harder. Crofty is a wicked man. I hate to say it but I failed this challenge. In 61 minutes I managed to get halfway though the round of 40 reps and I had to stop (admittedly to go to work, but I’m not sure I’d have managed much more anyway). I ache something rotten already, I am dreading how stiff I’ll be tomorrow. I absolutely hate being defeated in the gym, even when I know I’ve worked as hard as I can, I still hate being beaten. I’m only this competitive with myself usually, but I’m my own worst enemy and critic. I’m determined to try this workout again next week and complete it in 60 minutes or under. The week after I want to set a competitive time and the wee after that I want to break it. In the meantime I need to get my cardio and strength endurance up to speed. I will not be defeated! Remember the guy who gave up? No, nor did anyone else!

Rest day tomorrow, back to the gym Sunday. 2014, on it.


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