Strongman Training!

I’ve always loved watching World’s Strongest Man, but being a bit on the wee side I’ve never done any specific ‘strongman’ training myself. All this is to change though, in the interests of keeping it fresh, improving strength and hav ing a laugh, I’m going ot mis the following into my programme in the next few weeks:

Strongman Strength Training:

Day 1:

Squats – Work up to 5RM
Wide Grip Pull Ups – 4 x AMRAP
Swiss ball cable pull up – 3 x AMRAP in 60 seconds [go heavy!]
Dumbbell hold/carry [go heavy] 4 x as far as you can walk/long as you can hold

Day 2:

Axle press/Military Press – work up to 5RM (use towel grip or wide bar)
Dumbbell Split squat/lunges – 3 x 6 (each leg) go heavy!
Powerclean – 3 x 5 (tyre flips if possible)
Car Push/Prowler push – 4 x 50-100 yrds

Day 3:

Rack Pull – Work up to 5RM
One armed dumbbell press – 3 x AMRAP
One Armed Row – 4 x AMRAP [heavy]
Farmers Walk – 5 x furthest distance possible



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