No More Strength Training!!! (sort of)

So despite my last blog being about focusing my training, I’ve had another few weeks of haphazard, non-focused training. I’ve spent the last two weeks back on the weights (despite saying I wouldn’t) and improving my strength. Its been beneficial in that I’ve totalled quite a few PBs and got my squat up to a healthy 130kg for 8 reps and deadlift up to 115kg for 5 reps. My bench is still at a respectable 80kg 5 rep max, dumbbell shoulder press up to 32kg for 8 reps and I can still churn out wide-grip pull ups until my heart is content. I feel I can go heavier, but I’ve had an epiphany (more like a punch to the face) that I really need to be doing more cardio/endurance based training.
This all came about on Friday when I hit the FitnessZoo for a core session. Captain Crofts kindly set me out a circuit incorporating static and dynamic cardio moves, the latter of which completely destroyed me and I had to give up half-way through. This was not good. I hate being defeated and more importantly as I blogged last time, I need to be focusing my training towards Tough Mudder.
With this in mind I decided to approach this coming week with an emphasis on more cardio-based training and working towards hauling my lazy arse back out onto the streets and trails and get running again. So when the always eager Al asked if I was up for the gym yesterday, I dusted off my old circuit training play book and came up with this joy of joys:
3 x 20 squats (50kg)
3 x 20 knee to inside elbow (in push up position)
3 x 20 knee to same elbow (in push up position)
3 x 20 push ups
3 x 20 swiss-ball hamstring curls
3 x 20 weighted lunges (24 kg)
Two rounds with as little rest time as possible between sets/rounds so as to keep heart rate up.
I intended to do three rounds but I had already ‘warmed up’ (read: knocked myself) with 20 mins HIIT on the cross-trainer so decided to… yeah do some weights to finish. Just a few rounds of squatting with Al, which was worth it because I set a new PB of 130kg, eight reps. So happy days!
Squatting distractions aside, yesterday’s training was fairly cardio-centric and I’m happy with how it went. I am going to keep up the circuit based workouts 2-3 times a week and on my other training days fit in boxing & speed & agility classes at the ‘zoo as well as getting some runs in (though some less arctic weather would be nice).

Once I’ve got into a decent training routine, think I’ll have a serious look at my diet, particularly the beer side of things (Nooooooooooo!!!!!).


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