Intensity, Intensity, Intensity

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m still not back on track. Well not as much as I would like. My diet has been terrible and last weekend I even had a meal comprising of chicken tikka masala AND bbq chicken pizza, with dips, red wine, beer and cheese cakes for afters. In short I was a complete and utter fat bastard. New week, new bout of optimistic motivation to eat clean and train mean.

The mean training actually began last week with the implementation of Captain Crofts’ all-new-shiny-lung-burning, knee-trembling, back-breaking, sweat-making, arm-trembling, brain-melting, no-prisoners-taking Zoo HIT session. I expected a tough session, but as per usual Crofty didn’t disappoint and pushed me to the point of oblivion. It was ‘only’ around 35 min session but in that time I was subjected to 30 second blasts of aerobic exercises, one after another then a rest of 30 seconds, then another round, and another and another until my body literally couldn’t take anymore. It was hard, intense and tested my cardio muscular endurance to the limit (well to the point of failure actually). Though it was essentially hell for 35 minutes in a strange sort of way I quite enjoyed it, I definitely felt good afterwards and realised this is exactly the sort of training I need to burn fat, increase stamina and endurance and lean up. I will be trying to work HIT/HIIT into my training routine a few times a week between now and Tough Mudder in August.

February has also seen the beginning of the Tough Mudder bootcamps at Fitness Zoo, another hour of patented Crofty punishment in the form of crossfit/cardio type circuit training. This again is great for building up endurance and cardio stamina in preparation for Mudder. Its also good for team building and banter which makes the whole thing more of a laugh.

Taking on bored the principles of HIIT and circuit training, I have been using the following little number at my local gym in Kiveton for the last two weeks in lieu of ‘normal’ strength training:

5 x minutes of ½ mile distance (which ever comes first) crosstrainer
10 x dumbbell sequence (Arnie curl to press, squat, push-up, 4 x mountain climbers) as fast as possible, no resting.

X 5 rounds.

I’ve done this twice not and it takes around 30-35 minutes and certainly gets the blood pumping and the sweat pouring. In the interests of pushing the boundaries, I’ll be changing it next week to using the treadmill instead of cross trainer, then once I’ve got through that a few times adding a rowing machine sprint on the end.

The other big thing I really need to do is stop cheating on my diet. I don’t actually need to diet in the sense of cutting calories etc. to lose weight, but I do needs to stop splurging on a weekend on beer, cake, curry, pizza etc. For the time being at least. Need to stay focused and motive to lean up between now and Mudder, then afterwards think about maybe bulking a little (but lets face it, I;ve got a lot of ‘leaning’ to do between now and then).

Until next time, eat clean, train mean and get lean!


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