Saltburn Pier, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire

Saltburn Pier. The last remaining Pier in Yorkshire and one of only 55 still standing and open around the United Kingdom. Built between 1868 and 1869, the pier was the brainchild of local man John Anderson, who capitalised on the new influx of tourists from the recently completed Darlington to Stockton train line. The pier opened in May 1869 and aside from a brief few years in the 1970s, has remained open ever since; forming part of my and countless other thousand of children’s fond seaside memories.
The pier itself is elegantly simple in its design, perhaps why it has stood the test of time and the harsh barrage of North Sea waves for nearly 150 years. As it stands now, the pier is 206 metres long, less than half its original length of 458 metres. The length was eaten away by severe storms, the most notable ones 100 years apart, 1875 and 1975, the later reducing the length to its current statistics. In 2001, a ‘National Lottery Heritage Grant’ allowed a full restoration of the pier’s trestles and deck beams. This preserved the original look and safety of the pier for many future generations to enjoy.

I find the pier on a sunny but windy spring day somewhere between tides. Regardless of the time of year I visit Saltburn, I always enjoy a walk down the boards out towards the raging North Sea. Saltburn fascinates me, not just as a favourite seaside haunt of my youth but of its rich history of smuggling. However, that’s a blog for another day…

Saltburn Pier

Saltburn Pier


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